Jamie_DecaturHeadshotAwen Blackbird (née Jamie Waggoner) creates experiences that captivate the imagination and inspire personal transformation. Her retellings of ancient myths bridge the gap between then and now, breathing life into the legacies of our ancestors, and illuminating how their stories remain relevant to contemporary life. Her skillfully woven enchantments of ritual and guided meditation invoke deep, heart-to-heart spiritual connection. Dive with her into the Cauldron of Story and emerge transformed!

Born a storyteller, Awen has an intuitive understanding of how story works in the individual and collective consciousness, as well as how allegory, metaphor and symbol can speak to us on a deeper level. Her creative process involves solitary trance and vision journey to engage the archetypal energies of world mythology, retrieving stories directly from the perspective of each God or Goddess, as well as pathways for the “wonder voyage” of guided meditation. After establishing a strong foundational relationship with the Old Ones, she then researches their traditions, rituals and symbols, preferring to consult as many original sources as possible to deepen and support her personal gnosis.

Awen is committed to transformation on all levels: our selves, our communities, and that which is larger than all of us. She’s happy to share her journey and craft through her website and periodic classes. Workshops and rituals with Awen are participatory experiences intended to bridge a face-to-face, heart-to-heart connection to the Old Ones. You can expect magick and revelation… as well as celebration, laughter, tears, sea-change transformation… but be forewarned: you’ll work for it.

A featured presenter at many annual festivals and events, Awen also appears in the Red Tent documentary film (2012) and the Goddess on Earth project (2015). She is a member of the Sisterhood of Avalon and the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. At home in Austin, Texas, USA, she co-facilitates her local monthly Red Tent, teaches classes and focuses on recording her mythic tales.

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Overview of Past Events, Workshops and Rituals

Where Womyn Gather Annual Festival
Workshop and Ritual Presenter, June 2009—Present

  • Rites of Durga Ritual (2017)
  • Parvati the Majestic Mountain Workshop (2017)
  • Rites of Artemis Ritual (2016)
  • Fascination and Intoxication: Saraswati the Muse Workshop (2016)
  • Lady Silver Wheel: Arianrhod’s Tale of Liberation Workshop (2015)
  • Story Dance: Maiden, Mother & Crone Workshop (2010)
  • Story Dance: The Five Elements Workshop (2009)

Feileacan Ministry Reiki I, II and III Intensive Weekends
Intensive Leader and Teacher, 2016—2017

  • Introduction to the Elements Workshop (2017)
  • Sacred Geometry: The Magic of 5 Workshop (2017)
  • Reiki I Attunement Ritual (2017)
  • Chakras, Kundalini and Reiki Energy Workshop (2016, 2017)
  • The Handless Maiden: Emotional Healing and Releasing Ritual (2016)
  • Reiki III Master Attunement Ritual (2016)

Sedona Yoga Festival (Sedona, AZ)
Workshop Presenter, March 2017

  • Embodying Shakti: Reclaiming Sita’s Fire (2017)
  • Embodying Shakti: Enchanting Saraswati (2017)

Vermont Witchcamp
Workshop and Ritual Presenter, 2015—2016

  • Ritual Facilitation Team (2016)
  • Cauldron of Story 5-Day Workshop Path (2015)

Syracuse Women’s Information Center (Syracuse, NY)
Storytelling and Fundraiser Evening, September 2016

Yoga Yoga Studios (Austin, TX)
Yoga+ Special Series Teacher, November 2015—Present

  • Embodying Shakti 4-Week Series: Parvati (2017)
  • Embodying Shakti Retreat: Kali (2016)
  • Embodying Shakti 4-Week Series: Lakshmi (2016)
  • Embodying Shakti 4-Week Series: Tapping the Great Goddess Within (2015, 2017)

Sisterhood of Avalon Glastonbury U.K. Pilgrimage
Workshop Presenter, 2011

  • Art Journaling at the Chalice Well Two-Part Workshop: Basic Techniques (Part I) and Using Your Art Journal with Vision Journey (Part II) (2011)

Memberships and Volunteer Positions

Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids
2015 — present

Austin Red Tent Co-Facilitator
2013 — Present

Where Womyn Gather Annual Festival
Program Support Team, Priestess Council Facilitator
2013 — Present

International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association (IKYTA)
200hr Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher
2013 — Present

Sisterhood of Avalon
Priestess Member, Facilitator for Austin/San Antonio Hearth Circle
Board of Directors (Past)
2005 — Present


Attuned Reiki III (Master) Healer, Diane Stein Lineage
Levels I and II, 2008; Level III, 2016

University of Idaho (Moscow, ID)
B.A. Philosophy, Magna cum Laude, 1999
Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society


Please Note: Appearances, events and collaborations prior to 2018 are generally under my given name, Jamie Waggoner. Awen Blackbird is a nom de guerre I adopted in December 2017.