I’ve Moved!

Hello loves, I've moved my website activity to jamiewaggoner.com. Thanks for following my adventures, and I'll see you over there!

Baptist Hill Cemetery

A few rainy day thoughts during my visit to Baptist Hill Cemetery in Auburn, Alabama. Opened in the late 1800s, this fascinating site served as the city's first "black" cemetery. The property contains over 500 marked graves, as well as many, many more unmarked graves. The oldest grave dates to 1879. Many of those buried …

Ancestry DNA Results

My ancestry.com DNA results are in! Here's a quick recap video, and an Uusi Pagan Otherworlds Tarot draw to give some insight into my ancestry quest for the coming year. From Uusi's "Notes from the Pagan Otherwords" guidebook: Knight of Swords: All Romantics ride this horse. Untamed, untranslatable. Their spirit soaring into the unknown. That …

Welcome to the Blog

Welcome. Thistle Root Diary, my blog,  is a compendium of my magickal field notes, strange and wonderful tales, pagan devotional practices, projects, curiosities, mysterious ephemera, etc. Here's a little video I made to chat about the arrival of my ancestry DNA kit, my new blog, and why I chose the name "Thistle Root Diary".