2018 Schedule

Festivals and Conferences

Blodeuwedd: Talons and Flowers
A Year With Our Gods Online Conference Series
March 10, 2018

Wild Holy Wisdom: Connecting with Flora and Fauna

Like us, plants and animals inhabit the physical realm. We connect with flora and fauna through our five senses — touch, taste, sight, smell and hearing. This ability for connection makes nature a powerful ally for personal growth. But how do we build and maintain relationships with flora and fauna that are mutually beneficial, based in devotion, rather than naively one-sided? Using the Owl as an example — the Winged One sacred to the goddess Blodeuwedd — we’ll open to the call of our own wild, holy wisdom and explore methods for living in spiritual companionship with the natural world.


Mabinogion: Tales of The Welsh Wonder World
A Year With Our Gods Online Conference Series
September 9, 2018

(More information coming soon!)


Cailleach and Cerridwen: Crones of The Dark
A Year With Our Gods Online Conference Series
December 15, 2018

As the Darkness Embraces the Stars (Keynote Session)

She is the cold wind that wails at your door, the shadow that follows your footsteps. She is the pitch-black cave, and the dreaded silence of the tomb. With terrifying visage and intoxicating magic, the Crone is both magnetic and repulsive. Tales of the Crone goddesses whisper to us of a visceral aspect of nature – that of the Devouring Mother, who eats her own young so that they may be transformed. Though intimidating, enigmatic goddesses such as Cerridwen and Cailleach push us to challenge outmoded ideas and unnecessary attachments on the road to personal and collective growth. There is no escaping the Crone — She embraces us as the darkness embraces the stars.